It's easy to forget the fact that we all need to cut our carbon footprints.  I'm doing my bit as The Low Carbon Celebrant, by minimising my carbon footprint when travelling to and from your ceremony.

I don't own a car and I would prefer not to fly. So how do I get to your ceremony? The same way I get everywhere else. I have travelled to humanist ceremonies and rehearsals by cross-channel ferry, by train, by bus, by taxi, by hire car and using a friend's car. And I've never been late. 

If your ceremony is being held somewhere that's hard to reach by public transport, I'll hire a car. It will cost the same as you'd pay any other celebrant, since I charge mileage at the same rate -as agreed by HM Revenue and Customs.

For overseas ceremonies I prefer to go by train, rather than fly. If there's a concern about prices, we would normally come to an arrangement based on the equivalent air fare. In fact, taking the train can work out cheaper than flying when you take into account the extra fees charged by so-called "budget" airlines - take a look at Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert, to see the reality of prices charged by 'low cost' airlines:

PS: To find out more about being carfree, take a look at my website: