Humanism: A philosophy of living that respects and values human life without the need for religion.

What is Humanism?                                                                                               

Humanists think that we should take responsibility for our own lives and actions - because it's possible to live ethically and responsibly without relying on religion.  Humanist supporters include Tim Minchin, Philip Pullman, Dr Phil Hammond, Professor Alice Roberts and Zoe Margolis - you can find out more at the website of Humanists UK.

Humanist Ceremonies: Weddings and Baby Namings

More and more people are having humanist ceremonies for important moments in their lives, and Humanist Celebrants conduct thousands of ceremonies every year. Ceremonies include weddings, baby namings, and other individual and personal ceremonies, like anniversaries and adoption ceremonies, as well as funerals (which I don't do). Humanist ceremonies are provided by Celebrants, who, like me, are trained and accredited by Humanists UK. Find out about humanist ceremonies (2 min. video here), or my approach to your ceremony here.

About Me

Being a Celebrant combines my personal philosophy as a humanist with a career which involves a lot of public speaking. And as I have written books, reports and magazine articles, I have had a lot of practice as a writer - excellent background for preparing the script for your ceremony! I'm based in Brighton & Hove, and you can find out more about me from my LinkedIn profile.