A Personal Approach

The ceremony which I write and deliver will be personal to you - it will reflect your personalities and your wishes. Ceremonies are meaningful and inclusive, and no two are ever the same. Your ceremony can include recorded or live music, poems or prose, which can be read or performed by family and friends. You may wish to include a symbolic exchange of gifts or sign a book to mark the day. 

You Choose The Location

Whether it's a wedding or a naming, your humanist ceremony can take place wherever you like, except at a religious building or site. You might have a ceremony at home, or away - it's really up to you.

I have performed ceremonies in many locations, including:

  • a living room in a house in Brighton
  • a pub near the London O2 arena
  • a jazz club in Brighton
  • a mansion in a country park
  • Brighton's historic Theatre Royal (not onstage!)
  • a private garden deep in the countryside
  • a village hall in East Sussex
  • a vineyard in West Sussex
  • a Georgian mansion in London's Belgravia
  • a field on a farm in Surrey
  • the garden of a Normandy chateau
  • a five star hotel in Knightsbridge
  • a 17th Century medieval pilgrimage hospital in Toulouse 
  • the garden of The Royal Danish Horticultural Society, Copenhagen  

The ceremony can be formal or informal: the choice is limited only by your imagination and by what is practical. Here are links to find out more about Humanist Wedding Ceremonies and Humanist Naming Ceremonies.


My fee for a bespoke wedding ceremony unique to each couple includes:

  • a planning meeting where we decide on the overall shape and content of the ceremony
  • writing the script for the ceremony
  • a rehearsal at the location, normally the day before the ceremony
  •  being your Celebrant on the day

Fees for Humanist Ceremonies are in bands recommended by Humanists UK. My fees are:

  • Weddings in Brighton and Hove: around £595
  • Weddings in other UK locations and overseas: negotiable, depending on location and duration of trip
  • Namings in Brighton and Hove: around £250
  • Namings in other UK locations: negotiable                                                                   

Travel and, if necessary, accommodation, is charged extra, at cost. Everything is agreed well in advance.

Next Steps

After the initial email or phone call, we will meet - to make sure that you are happy for me to be your Celebrant on such an important occasion: it's crucial that you are comfortable with the personal chemistry between us. This is the "planning meeting" described above, and takes place before we have any kind of commercial arrangement (ie, before any money changes hands!). 

After the meeting, I will send you a contract, so that you can reflect for a few days on whether you would like me to be your Celebrant. If the answer is yes, you sign and return the contract, along with a deposit towards the final cost. Then I start working on your script, which we iterate between us to get the perfect result.

I usually work direct with the couple, although I am also happy to work with your wedding planner, if you are using one.

Getting In Touch

To start the ball rolling, please e-mail me: