I speak at conferences and create workshops for public and private and third sector clients. Workshops can be bespoke for specific requirements.

My workshops are designed to make BE accessible, enjoyable and applicable. Suitable for non-economists, workshops show how behavioural economics can be used to aid decision making and produce better outcomes for practitioners in fields such as:

- health: for public health professionals, commissioners and clinicians

- business: from finance to general management

- the third sector, including managers in charities and non-profits

- sustainability, including the economics (and more) of carfree life

For more information, please email stephenyoungorguk@gmail.com

Recent and upcoming speaking events

Young, S. (2018) The Rise and Rise of Behavioural Economics. Presentation to IFAs for Investec, London, October 2018

Young, S. (2018) Rethinking Economics: Workshop on An Introduction to Pluralist Economics: Behavioural Economics. Sussex University Pluralistic Economics Group, Falmer, April 2018.

Young, S. (2018) Economics, Behavioural and Otherwise. Lancing College Economics and Business Society, Lancing, February 2018.

Young, S. (2017) Change Minds or Change Behaviour? Can we be Nudged to Healthier Eating? Workshop for Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, Brighton, February 2017

Young, S. (2016) Brave New World: Behavioural Economics, Brexit and Business: Complex Choices and Difficult Decisions. Workshop for MDHUB Leaders Event, Attenborough Centre, Falmer. October 2016

Young, S. (2015) The Economic Crisis and the Crisis in Economics: Where does Behavioural Economics fit?  Sussex University Pluralistic Economics Group, Falmer, March 2015

Young, S. and Caisey, V. (2014) Behavioural Economics - Enemy or Friend of Social Marketing? European Social Marketing Conference. Rotterdam, Netherlands. September 2014                 

Young, S and Caisey, V. (2013) Behavioural Economics meets Social Marketing: A Practical Workshop on Changing Behaviour. Attendees: InfoComms specialists and managers from Scottish councils and public sector organisations. Scotland, August 2013

Young, S. and Caisey, V. (2011) Is Behavioural Economics The New Social Marketing? Social Marketing Conference: Changing Behaviour Through Communications. London, November 2011.

Young, S. (2011) An Introduction to Behavioural Economics. Pre-Conference Workshop on Insight Driven Behaviour Change: UK Social Marketing Conference. Brighton, November 2011. 

Young, S. (2011) An Introduction to Behavioural Economics. Client: NixonMcInnes: Social by the Sea 2011. Brighton, UK. October 2011.

Young, S. (2011) Green Growth and ICTs. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology/United Nations International Telecommunication Union Seminar, ICT As An Enabler for Creative and Green Economy. Beijing, People's Republic of China. September 2011.

Young, S. and Caisey, V. (2011) Is Behavioural Economics The New Social Marketing? Thoughts from a Social Marketer and a Behavioural Economist. World Social Marketing Conference. Dublin, Ireland. April 2011      

Young, S. (2010) ICTs and Climate Change: A Role for Regulators? ITU,10th Global Symposium for Regulators. Dakar, Senegal. November 2010

Young, S. (2010) Mind Shift, Mode Shift: A Lifestyle Approach To Reducing Car Ownership and Use. Towards Carfree Cities IX. York, UK. June 2010.

Young, S. (2010) The Wicked Problems Of Climate Change And Obesity: Using Behavioural Economics And Social Marketing For A Lifestyle-Based Approach To Reducing Car Ownership And Use. 18th UK Public Health Association Annual Forum. Bournemouth, UK. March 2010