I have spent most of my career in the commercial sector, where I have drawn on my background in economics, both standard and non-standard. Since 2009 I have been teaching behavioural economics as a Senior Lecturer at University of Brighton Business School and as a Visiting Lecturer at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, where I teach BE to health professionals.  As well as my teaching, I also provide workshops & presentations on behavioural economics and behaviour change - more information below.

Where economics meets psychology, and why it matters

Behavioural economics (BE) is a fast-growing field, moving into the mainstream in business and policy helped by the popularity of books like Nudge, and Thinking Fast and Slow. Unlike standard textbook economics, which assumes that we are selfish maximisers whose decisions are based on a rational analysis of inputs and outputs, BE recognises that we have limited time and capacity, and are subject  to cognitive and psychological biases. BE considers how this impacts our behaviour - not just what we buy, but in areas from personal finance to health, the environment and many others.

Client-based workshops, training & presentations

Presentations and workshops on BE range from conference-style to more interactive workshops which can last a day or more - depending on client needs, budget and availability. Click here for more information, or send me an email: stephenyoungorguk@gmail.com

Academic activities, teaching award nominations and student feedback

My teaching is workshop-style, with an emphasis on experiments, interaction and practical application, and receives excellent feedback from students, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

I was delighted to be nominated for awards for 'Inspirational Teaching' and 'Academic Engagement' in the 2012 Brighton University Student Union Teaching Excellence Awards.

In 2014 I was nominated for the University of Brighton Excellence in Facilitating and Empowering Learning Award Scheme.

Sample feedback from postgraduates: "the best course I've done on my MBA," "engaging, interesting and relevant," "perfect balance of theory, thoughts and interactive elements," "should be used as a benchmark for all courses on MBA," "enriching and thought provoking," and "fascinating subject...taught extremely well."